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By Nick Mills
Additional material by Chris (He-Fan)


ThunderCats soundtrack composer Bernie HofferBernie Hoffer
Interview conducted: Sunday 13th July 2008

Comments: Do you ever wonder about the mind behind the ThunderCats music? The music of ThunderCats is remembered fondly for being original and catchy, almost every character and event having it’s own theme and which you identified. So who was the person behind the music? With curiosity constantly nudging at me, I finally interviewed the man behind it all: Bernie Hoffer, well-known composer and uncovering just about everything you could know.

From the sample Bernie used to get the ThunderTank theme to his thoughts and feelings about the soundtrack petition to get his work released onto a CD format, Bernie answered everything I threw at him including his current projects and his thoughts about SilverHawks‘ failure – find out his theory on why he felt the show eventually failed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear just how candid he is about it. All the questions that weren’t answered on the DVD boxset documentary are answered here – how he began writing music, working for Rankin Bass and finding out whether he’d consider being a part of the new ThunderCats movie.

So without further due, I present an exclusive interview with the man behind the music of ThunderCats: Bernie Hoffer!

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