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By Nick Mills
Additional material by Chris (He-Fan)


 Bio Pic1Gerrianne Raphael
Interview conducted: Sunday 12th October 2008

Comments: During ThunderCats‘ second season, new voice-artists joined the team to voice several new ThunderCats characters and villains (being the Lunataks). We finally managed to speak to the voice of Pumyra and Chilla in an exclusive audio interview – Gerrianne Raphael! This interview dives into her career and finds out the many projects and animations she’s been apart of (including a very popular Cartoon Network programme). What led her to appearing on ThunderCats? Find out what techniques she used to voice Chilla and achieve the ‘breathing’ sound along with her memories of recording for the show. We ask her many, various questions and get great answers to them all – does she prefer ‘live action’ acting or voiceover? Current projects?


Gerrianne Raphael playing a Nun (right)  in Season 3 Episode 5 of ’30 Rock’

Find out about her clothing design being displayed among the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art amongst other pieces of information – find out the experience from a second-season voice-actor. It definitely gives you an overall impression of the experience of being a part of ThunderCats. Gerrianne tells us her feelings on whether she wants to be apart of the ThunderCats movie. Not only do we discuss ThunderCats, we discuss her stage acting and other parts of her career. It wouldn’t be a great interview without finding out more about the woman behind all of these characters – so get downloading! What are you waiting for?


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