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By Nick Mills
Additional material by Chris (He-Fan)


ThunderCats writer Kimberly MorrisKimberly Morris
Interview conducted: Monday 12th May 2008

Comments: This is the second interview I ever conducted – and the very first time I interviewed a writer from ThunderCats! Meet Kimberly Morris, an author of over 60 books for children and young adults along with writing scripts for famous shows such as Mary-Kate and Ashley, Animorphs, SilverHawks, Sweet Valley, That’s So Raven and, finally, ThunderCats. She’s also written read-aloud stories for Muppet Babies. If that hasn’t intrigued you, I don’t know what will. Kimberly took time out to speak to us here at ThunderCats Lair about her career – how she began writing, why she chose children’s entertainment to write for, how to approach writing an episode for ThunderCats and getting insight into her role as Development Consultant for both the show and SilverHawks. Kimberly is a well spoken and articulate woman and this interview proves it – we asked her about her public speaking on popular culture and curriculum and she gives us much information about the subject along with being a custom publishing director. All of these topics are answered in great detail that it makes for a very interesting interview as you gain much knowledge about the show itself but also creative writing – what are Kimberly’s thoughts about the new ThunderCats movie?

I also managed to ask her about the rumoured script ‘Goodbye Jaga’, a script which saw Jaga finally leave Lion-O as a spirit guide. Unfortunately, the script was never published. We asked Kimberly about it and she confirms it and also gives an explanation on why it wasn’t made into a show.

All this and more here in this very brilliant interview – this interview was a part of my documentary Hear The Roar – ThunderCats: Creation & Legacy and, here to download, is the full and unedited version!

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