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By Nick Mills
Additional material by Chris (He-Fan)


ThunderCats writer Peter LawrencePeter Lawrence
Interview conducted: Friday 8th August 2008

Comments: is proud to present to you one of the best and most insightful exclusive interviews we’ve ever done here on the website – ThunderCats‘ own Script Consultant, Peter Lawrence! For those who aren’t familiar with Peter, his career consists of both television and animation script-writing for shows like The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, Peter Pan & The Pirates, SilverHawks and ThunderCats. If there is an interview you need to download, this is probably it. Find out why the Season 1 DVD documentary doesn’t do justice on how much knowledge and information this man has about the show – Peter gives us knowledge about everything you could know: what is a Script Consultant? Who was Dr Robert Kuisis? Discarded scripts, working with William Overgard, what characters he liked and disliked writing for, working for Jules Bass and much more. Is it true that ThunderCats took a comedic turn in Season 2? Did the show really take itself too seriously? Find out the direction that Warner Bros. are apparently going in (which is a huge surprise) and what Peter Lawrence is working on nowadays.

This interview, though, has a brilliant segment on The Adventures of Johnny Quest where Peter answers honestly about the circumstances of his time on the show and why it was eventually cancelled. This is probably the highlight of the interview amongst many others as Peter doesn’t hold back and is honest and insightful about every topic we throw at him – including the tension between Leonard Starr and Jules Bass that Stephen Perry touched on in his interview. It’s a really entertaining listen from a man who was literally there for nearly every step on ThunderCats and, with that said, we invite you to download this new and exciting interview.

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