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By Nick Mills
Additional material by Chris (He-Fan)


ThunderCats voice actor Peter NewmanPeter Newman
Interview conducted: Monday 20th October 2008

Comments: Many fans have waited for this interview for a long time, a proper look into this man’s career and what he’s done. They asked and pleaded for us to interview probably one of the most sought out people in ThunderCats fandom. And we here at have granted that request – it is our honour and pleasure to bring to you the long-awaited exclusive audio interview with the voices of characters such as Tygra, Wilykat and Monkian…Peter Newman! We ask all the questions that people have wanted to know – just who is the man behind the voices of some of our favourite characters? In this very brilliant and funny interview, Peter tells us how he began voice-acting, telling us of some of the commercials and such he’s voiced since ThunderCats (including a few projects that some of you will immediately recognise). What was his favourite voice? What was the hardest to do?

We find out his memories of working with his fellow voice-artists including the late, great Bob McFadden and Earl Hammond! How did he develop the voices of his characters? There’s a great segment on me not including Wilykat as a main character when discussing characters (my bad) – how does Peter respond to it? This alone makes the interview so funny and entertaining that it’s worth the downloading. You’ll be entertained by how Peter describes the recording sessions of ThunderCats and how he came to find the voice of the samurai-warrior himself, Hachiman! If that doesn’t do enough to quench your ThunderCats thirst, find out the memories of recording the one-time villain The Demolisher or his memories of the famous episode, The Garden of Delights, starring Tygra as the main focal character.

This interview does much to dive into the ThunderCats era and more – we discussed SilverHawks and asked him point-blank whether he was disappointed or not that it failed. Find out information of his current projects and listen to the great stories of being recognised as a voice-actor on ThunderCats.

Another question we finally got an answer of is whether Peter Newman is interested in voicing some of his characters for the new ThunderCats movie – his answer is both interesting and exciting! To find all of this out and more, download now. It was an honour and a pleasure to finally speak to the man himself and find out all of the questions we’ve been dying to know for years – and we hope you here at are just as delighted as we were to finally make Peter Newman a part of our many audio interviews. So sit back, relax and get downloading/listening to one of the funniest and informative interviews yet here on the site!

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