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By Nick Mills
Additional material by Chris (He-Fan)


ThunderCats writer Stephen PerryStephen Perry
Interview conducted: Thursday 21st July 2008

Comments: ThunderCats was brought to you by a huge amount of hard-working individuals: we’ve interviewed the voice-actors, the musician. But the writers are the most important part of the show as they write the episodes – the dialogue, stories and all those memoriable moments in ThunderCats. After interviewing Kimberly Morris who wrote several episodes for the show, managed to track down Stephen Perry, a man who created one of the most famous villains in ThunderCats of all time: Safari Joe! His career has been absolutely extraordinary – having worked with Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, he was also known for penning several of ThunderCats‘ most famous episodes and also literally creating SilverHawks. Interviewing Steve was fascinating – if you want new information about everything and anything ThunderCats related, you came to the right place: some (until now) not known tension between Leonard Starr and Jules Bass, how Safari Joe was created, how to approach writing an episode of ThunderCats and how it felt to work for Jules Bass. Steve Perry does NOT hold back in this interview – and is completely honest. This definitely comes across when he discusses his feelings on SilverHawks and why he felt it failed but still has a following today. This segment of the interview is so worth a listen. Oh, and how about the scripts, lines and characters that got cut? Stephen Perry tells us a hilarious example of what got cut from one of his written episodes.

This is one of those rare interviews where we find out just about everything about ThunderCats from someone who wrote for the show and interacted with the important characters – this interview covers his beginning to his current projects. This interview just shows how creative he was and still is, today – what are you waiting for? Get downloading.

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