No 80’s cartoon series would be complete without an awesome accompanying toyline, and “SilverHawks” was no different. While “ThunderCats” toys were manufactured by LJN, it was the toy giant Kenner that was entrusted with the task of creating the “SilverHawks” toys.

Less than a year after the show premiered on TV, “SilverHawks” action figures were filling up shelves in all major toy stores. All the figures had an “action feature” incorporated into them and each came packaged with its own companion bird.

Series 1 (1987)

  • Copper Kidd with MayDay
  • Quicksilver with Tally-Hawk
  • Steelwill with Stronghold
  • Steelheart with Rayzor
  • Bluegrass with Sideman
  • Hotwing with Gyro
  • Stargazer with Sly-Bird
  • Flashback with Backlash
  • MonStar with Sky-Shadow
  • Mo-Lec-U-Lar with Volt-Ure
  • Mumbo-Jumbo with Airshock
  • Buzz-Saw with Shredator

Series 2 (1988)

  • Condor with Jet Stream
  • Windhammer with Tuning Fork
  • Moon Stryker with Tail-Spin
  • Hardware with Prowler
  • Steelwill Ultrasonic Suit
  • Bluegrass Ultrasonic Suit
  • Quicksilver Ultrasonic Suit