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Ofcourse no ThunderCats toy line would be complete without Panthro’s baby, the iconic ThunderTank!

  • The ThunderTank includes a 4″ scaled exclusive figure of Snarf!
  • To activate lights & “ThunderCats, Hooo!” phrase, place any 4″ figure  inside the cockpit
  • Press the middle button on the Tank to activate Lion-O’s voice that says “Thundertank Fire!”
  • Combine the ThunderTank with Lion-O and Tygra’s ThunderRacers for additional play
  • To initiate ThunderRacers – push buttons on back of ThunderTank to launch the two ThunderRacers. It will also initiate Lion-O’s voice that says “ThunderTank Launch!”








For the Mint In Box collectors the ThunderTank offers a bit of a challange. There are two versions of the ThunderTank box.



The reason there are two versions is unknown, but it is pretty obvious the first version (L) doesnt look good; the tank doesnt resemble the cartoon nor the toy tank in design or color; the proportions of the tank are way off and the general design of the graphics isn’t very appealing. Chances are this is very early artwork BanDai used to go into production as quickly as possible. The first version is harder to find.