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For the 2012 Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Covention (STGCC) Bandai Asia released something special; the first ever ThunderCats repaint! 

This convention exclusive, or as the packaging boosts Limited Edition, is based on the classic ThunderCats episode Fond Memories, where Mumm-Ra transformed in an evil version of Lion-O. So basically this figure is the first villain in the 8 inch Classic line!

The figure, the articulation and accessories are the same as the regular Bandai Classic Lion-O:

– The full size Sword of Omens
– The Sword of Omens in it’s sleeping, dagger form
– Claw Shield
– Extra posed hand
However, as with the SDCC Exclusive Lion-O, this exclusive comes with a few bonus accessories:
– Vac-metal versions of the short and full size Sword of Omens

– A red, vac metal version of the Sword altar

These bonus accessories do not come in the same blister cars as the figure, but were packadged in a seperate baggy.