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Like every succesful brand, the ThunderCats toys have often been imitated, duplicated, but never equalled or surrpassed, by unscrupulous characters to make a quick buck, which is not cool. In some cases, these toys were made to provide children in less fortunate parts of the world their favorite characters in action figure form, which is cool. These imitation toys have been around since the ThunderCats’ release in the 80’s and are still produced. Even the BanDai line has a bootleg line devoted to it!

There are two kinds of these FunderCats to be distinguished:

1. Bootlegs are (cheaply made) copies of the original, licensed figures. Often cast from molds made from the official releases.

2. Knock Offs are (cheaply made) attempts to copy the original, licensed figures. Often made from castings of other action figure lines, like Masters of the Universe, in combination with castings from original ThunderCats toys and sometimes original sculpted parts.

Both kinds are usually made from poor quality plastic and the paint job is almost always sloppy, to say the least. Here you’ll find some of the greatest, unofficial, unlicensed ThunderCats toys. FunderCats HO!