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Lion-O’s Mighty Weapon!

The Magical Glowing Eye of Thundera is embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Omens. With this sword, Lion-O can see into the future and protect the Thundercats in battle. If Mumm-Ra and his evil Mutants can steal the sword, they will then control all the power of the universe and will never be defeated. Now you can be just like Lion-O and use the sword to fight evil! .

– Light up Eye of ThunDera- To operate, twist off the cap and insert one “AA” alkaline battery.

– To light up the Eye of Thundera, press the button on the sword handle.

– Removable Battery Cap



– The cat symbol on the sword eye is painted with very thin black paint, which is prone to wear away on loose swords. Try to find a sword with minimal paint loss

– When packaged to the card, on some swords, the tag was placed around the blade which sometimes caused a dint in the blade , this is not necessarily play damage.

– The light up mechanism on the sword is often found to be no longer working on many loose swords. Be sure to ask the vendor if the toy is in full working condition before buying.

– Finally, REMOVE the battery when not in use! It’s very easy to forget to do this. You don’t want the battery leaking and ruining the terminals inside your sword!