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The ThunderCats toyline by LJN was promoted via a number of means, not least of all by catalogues featuring exciting photography of the toyline, and also the box art for the line’s vehicles. This section showcases some of the best examples of ThunderCats catalogues and artwork produced by LJN!

Dealer Catalogues
Produced by LJN to inform dealers of upcoming products in their toylines, the ThunderCats pages from the catalogues featured in this area include looks at prototypes that never made it to retail!

LJN Mini-Catalogues
Many of the ThunderCats toys released by LJN in the 1980s included special mini-catalogues advertising the other products in the toyline. This illustrated article explains more about them, and allows you to take a look inside each one!

Prototype Toy Art
Exciting artwork intended as ThunderCats box art and more, but which remained unreleased and unseen until now!