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Dealer Catalogs

Like many toy companies, LJN released catalogs for dealers on a yearly basis. LJN’s toy catalogues concentrated mainly on their actual toy lines as opposed to the many video games that LJN produced later on. It is unknown exactly how far into the future LJN kept producing their dealer catalogs – they are known to go back as far as their 1970’s toy lines and it is speculated that they were still being produced into the late 80’s, with 1987 thought to possibly be the last year of the toy catalogs, due to LJN venturing heavily into the video game industry in 1988.

The LJN catalogs for the years of 1985 and 1987 are special, because they contain information on one of the greatest toy lines of the 1980’s: Thundercats! These two catalogs contain pictures that would excite any Thundercats toy collector – pictures like an unproduced Mumm-Ra with cape, the unproduced Rampager (and Lunatak) Red Eye, and the much coveted Feliner, which was never produced but is known to exist in prototype form. Other unproduced vehicles displayed in these catalogs include the Luna Tacker, and unreleased Berserker figures Cannon Blaster and Quick Jaws were also featured.  LJN had many great ideas in store for the toy line, all shown in the 1987 catalog, but unfortunately that year was the last that we would see any new Thundercats toys.


LJN 1985 Dealer Catalogue cover ThunderCats Lair - no photo available LJN 1987 Dealer Catalogue cover spring87cover - Copy
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