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Prototype Toy Art

Written by Manny (Mannyscollectibles)


TCL received from a very generous source original and never before seen prototype art. This art is and was intended to be used with different unreleased toys like the Feliner, Luna Tacker, Cannon Blaster and several others. These pieces were bought several years ago by a private collector named Matthew Stuard.

A few comments on some of the artwork from Matt Stuard:

Mad Bubbler

A notoriously elusive piece of ThunderCats history. A handful of toy collectors swore up and down on forums that they had owned a Mad Bubbler as kids. This was impossible of course, because this toy never made it to production. The bubble action was problematic and it was in queue at a time that the line was winding down.


One thing to note regarding the process LJN used; each part of the piece was drawn separately (possibly by different artists) so mountains, terrain, vehicles, and characters were then all pasted together to form the final work. You can see up close the different paper of each up close. A cool technique that you wouldn’t see in box art nowadays!

Thunderwings, Luna-Takker, Luna Lasher, and Cannon Blaster

These photos allow us to see the process of creating the card or box art prior to placing the words and text, and package design that would go into each figure or vehicle! Also note, this artwork wasn’t used in the final version of the “Thunderwings” or “Luna Lasher” since LJN decided to go with a card instead of a box for these additions — since you can’t see the figures behind the card version with the actual toy taking up the space, it looks as if they went with a standard landscape background for each.

Prototype Art Card

This is a prototype card art from the early LJN days. Note Tygra and Panthro’s different colored outfit and Mumm-Ra’s cape! Also, you can see some “immaturity” in the way the faces are drawn. The art is all pen and watercolor and quite small measuring about 6 x 6 inches. And again, the old style of actually affixing the “ThunderCats” and LJN logos to the art itself!


Well, again another prototype from LJN’s latter days. Don’t really know what the goal was with this one other than to promote all the toy lines.


 MadBubbler_artwork ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Thunderstrike ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Luna-Takker
Mad Bubbler Thunderstrike Luna-Takker
ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Feliner ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Cannon Blaster ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Thunderwings
Feliner Cannon Blaster Thunderwings
ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Luna Lasher ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Art Card  ThunderCats - Prototype Toy Art - Thunderforce
Luna Lasher Art Work Thunderforce

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