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When the Thundercats crashed on Third Earth, they knew the first thing they needed was an indestructible shelter- thus the Cats Lair was created. Carved out of a natural granite mountain for strength and equipped with highly advanced electronics taken from the wreckage of their space ship, the Cats Lair has become more than just a home for the Thundercats. It is the center of operations in their ongoing battle with Mumm-Ra and his army of evil Mutants. The Cats Lair has secret defense positions- the awesome “Super Laser Beam” Cat Head and huge Cat Paws that lift to reveal an “Ion Beam” cannon. The Mutants, however are also well equipped and ready for battle. They possess the powerful Attack Sled with it’s evil laser blaster, which is capable of knocking out the Cats Lair defence system. Who will be the first to score more direct hits on the enemy’s weapon and win the battle? It is up to you to continue the fight to protect Third Earth! Defeat the enemy with laser light blasts! Direct hits “Blow Open” the doors or “Destroy” the Mutant vehicle!


  • Pivoting cat head fires and receives laser light beams
  • Laser-activated counter registers hits and sounds “piercing” alarm!
  • Secret door traps invaders in underground cell
  • Huge cat paws lift to reveal “Ion Beam” cannon and secret battle station
  • Battle stations for 5 Thundercats defenders
Accessories: – Mutant Vehicle (Attack Sled), Ion Cannon and Ladder

Variations: There are no known variations for this playset.
Collector Tips: – The “Hits counter” mechanism can break down. Make sure this is still in working order. All you need to test this is a standard torch to shine into the lair’s sensor on the control unit.

– Make sure a loose Cats Lair has all the parts listed in both Removable parts and Accessories lists above. The Ladder is the part most commonly found missing from a loose Cats Lair.

– The Cell Walls, Brackets and the Ladder have small tabs that break easily. Make sure these are complete and unbroken.

– The Mutant Vehicle’s laser light beam can break down, so make sure to pick up a working one. Sometimes they only need the small light bulb to be replaced. Though I have seen some Mutant vehicles with corroded battery terminals.

Removable Pieces:
  • Trap Door
  • 2x Cell Walls
  • 2x Cell Wall Brackets
  • Cell Door
  • Cat head and Teeth pieces
  • Control unit (with removable battery cap)
  • Dome piece and metal rod (to attach Cat head)
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