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ThunderCats LJN toyline - Boxed Fist Pounder


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Assortment Number:



Awesome Fists of Steel Smash and Pound as it Attacks!

– Menacing Face with Fierce “Snapping” Jaws
– Tilting and Swivelling Rear Firing Position with Twin Particle Blasters
– Holds 3 Thundercats Action Figures

Removable Parts/Accessories:

– 2x Mechanical Fists, Control Unit, Seat Belt, Removable Chair (with seatbelt) and Ladder to fix chair to vehicle (see toy viewer for images of the Fists and Ladder) Also included was a set of stickers to apply and set up instructions.


There are no known variations for this vehicle.

Collector Tips:

There are a number of small parts to take note of as these can be found missing. Make sure a loose vehicle has:
– Control Unit
– Unbroken seat belts (one on chair and other for front seat of vehicle)
– Chair
– Two Ladder pieces (to create the chair’s tower)
– 5 very small screws (these connect the chair and tower/ladder to the vehicle)

Another thing to look out for is the tabs on the vehicle, where the seatbelts connect to as these can easily be broken off.