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ThunderCats LJN toyline - Boxed Hovercat


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Tygra and the rest of the Thundercats use the Hovercat as their primary defense aircraft for protecting the Cats Lair from attackers. Mumm-Ra and his evil army fear the Hovercat because, with the right person at the controls it can fly almost anywhere. The easily maneuvered, one person, turbo powered ship can fly through rocky caverns into hidden caves and up the sides of dangerous cliffs. Knowing that it’s impossible to hide from the Hovercat, the mutants usually flee in terror when they hear the turbo-whirl howl.

– Turbo-Whirl Sound
– Adjustable Shield, Gun and Flaps
– Retractable Landing Gear


– 2x handlebars, 2x wings and Windscreen


There are no known variations for this vehicle.

Collector Tips:

The turbo mechanism is found broken on many loose vehicles, so make sure you get an Hovercat with the turbo action in working order. However it is possible to open up the Hovercat and fix it. The handlebars can also be found missing or broken (connecting tabs snapped off)