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Jaga (14-Back)

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Assortment Number:


Battle-matic Action:

Using your forefinger, push down the battle-matic action lever on the back to move both of Jaga’s arms up and down.

Light up eyes:


Notes of Interest:



Helmet and Sword (same sword as Lion-O, though sometimes different shades of red)


There seems to be two completely different Jaga figures released. The differences between the two are:

  • Two different skin tones. One yellow and one a flesh colour.
  • Different sized levers on the figure’s back.
  • Flesh skin tone Jaga is slightly taller than the yellow skinned Jaga.
  • The flesh toned Jaga has a closed right hand, while the yellow skin Jaga has an open hand.
  • Spikes on the gauntlet of the flesh toned Jaga are raised slightly higher than those on the yellow toned Jaga.

Collector Tips:

Make sure to get a figure with the blue cape intact. The cape is not meant to be removed. If the cape has been removed consider the figure broken.