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Lion-O with Snarf pvc (orange hair variant)

LJN ThunderCats Lion-O - Orange Haired Variant - Mint On Card
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LION-O with Snarf (orange hair) [14-BACK]

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Battle-matic Action:

Using your forefinger, push down the battle-matic action lever on the back to move Lion-O’s arm.

Light up eyes:

With secret power ring on your finger, insert the point into the opening on Lion-O’s back. This makes his eyes light up with power.

Notes of Interest:

Lion-O was released with every series in the toyline (sometimes twice in a series). Aside from the different color hair and accessories, the added inclusion of the Snarf PVC in the second series and the non battle-matic Lion-O included with the Thunderwing are the only big differences betwen each release.


Orange colored Sword and Claw, Power Ring and Snarf pvc figure.
LJN ThunderCats - Lion-O's Accessories


This is the first in a total of 3 variations. The other two variations were: Red hair/red accessories (Series 2) and the solid Lion-O that came packaged with the Thunderwings in 1987.

Collector Tips:

Make sure the figures mechanisms (arm action and light up eyes) are in working condition. Especially the light up eyes as this tends to break down easily.

The power ring can also stop working as well, if the battery terminals get corroded.

LION-O with Snarf