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Battling Coat of Weapons The terrifying power of the ThunderCats’ enemies is even more spine chilling than before because they’ve got Luna-Lasher…. the ultimate weapon. With it, the Evil doers can deliver crushing blows to anything that gets in their way. Do the ThunderCats and Cats Lair’ stand a chance? They will need all their strength to withstand the challenge of the terrifying Luna-Lasher.

Battle Action:

Trigger activates awesome ‘Pounding’ Arms!


No accessories, but came with an instruction leaflet.
Variations: There are no known variations for this accessory.

Collector Tips:

Be sure the battle action is in working order and the belt clip is unbroken (it’s made of plastic that can snap through rough play)

Notes of Interest:

This accessory was also released with a Mumm-Ra figure in the Two Pack ‘Luna-Lasher Mumm-Ra’, which is one of the rarest of all the LJN Thundercats toys to find mint in package!