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Monkian 14-Back

LJN ThunderCats Monkian - Mint On Card
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Assortment Number:


Battle-matic Action:

Using your forefinger, push down the battle-matic action lever on the back to move Monkian’s arm.

Notes of Interest:

Monkian was also released on a 8 back card. The only difference is the card itself (the first series was released on an all-black card.)

Collector Tips:

The chain can easily snap away from either the spiked mace or the handle. Make sure you find the weapon with a complete chain.


Helmet and Mace on Chain
LJN ThunderCats - Monkian's Accessories


There are no known variations.

Notes of Interest:

A shame his monkey emblem shield from the cartoon series wasn’t made for this figure, as it would have been an excellent additional accessory!