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Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress Playset

ThunderCats LJN - Mumm-Ra's Tomb Playset Box


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Minotaur Statue Reptile Statue Eye Sticker Inner Tomb
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Mumm-ra’s Tomb Fortress is the center of all power and is the eerie, glowing crypt from which he plots to defeat the Thundercats. It is buried within the walls if a giant black onyx pyramid and is protected by ancient man/beast statues. Standing within the tomb, Mumm-ra is able to harness all the evil power of the universe and transforms into “Mumm-ra the everliving”. If he were ever able to combine this power with the power of Thundera, he would be unstoppable. It is up to Lion-o and the Thundercats to make sure this never happens!


-Large Skull “Transformation Chamber” with Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes and Teeth

-Two Mechanical Man/Beast Statue Guardians with Moving Tail, Arms and Heads

-Includes Mumm-ra action figure

Accessories: -Two Man/Beast Statues
-Mummy Mumm-Ra action figure
-Sticker sheet
Variations: There are no known variations for this playset.
Collector Tips: The statues can sometimes be found with paint wear on face and chest, so make sure the statues are in a nice visual condition. On some loose Tomb’s, the tail from the Reptile statue can be missing as it is removable.
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