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Mutant Nosediver


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The Nosediver is one of the specially designed evil vehicles that Mumm-Ra’s Mutant army uses in it’s attempt to defeat the Thundercats. It can travel at high speeds, both on land and underwater, but most importantly, the Nosediver is equipped with an indestructible spinning rock-crusher nose which can drill through anything in it’s path.Features:

– Spinning-Rock Crusher Nose
– Adjustable Body Shield




The purple pipe pieces differ in colour and are made of a different plastic on some vehicles.

Collector Tips:

The Nosediver is probably the most delicate vehicle in the whole line with quite a few easily breakable parts.The highly breakable parts to look out for are:

Handlebars: These are connected to the vehicle by thin pieces of plastic and as the handlebars stick out a bit they can be snapped off. However I think it would take rough play to break them.

Jet Pack Pieces: These are snapped on the vehicle by small white plugs. The plugs break very easily. There is also a thick pipe piece that also connects to the vehicle from the jet and this can sometimes be tough, putting even more pressure on the small white plugs.

Purple Pipes: These pipes are very small and will break from the vehicle very easily.