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Snarf Plush

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Cute plush version of Snarf which measures around 12-13 inches tall. It is said that this was a UK exclusive and aside from the UK only showed up in Europe and Canada. Contrary to popular thought this plush Snarf was actually released in the US. This was the only non-plastic toy in the whole LJN Thundercats toy line and also the only LJN Thundercats toy to never appear in any of the LJN mini catalogues that came packaged with the figures

Notes of Interest:

Snarf Plush was the only non plastic toy in the whole Thundercats LJN line and the only one to never appear on any catalogues


No accessories


There are no known variations for this figure.

Collector Tips:

Much of toy is made from white fabric which can be found quite dirty. Whiskers around mouth fray badly and get discoloured.It is very hard to pick up a mint example of this toy because of it being made of fabric. A sealed in box example is extremely difficult to find, though some examples do exist.