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The Stinger

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Assortment Number:


Battle-matic Action:

Wings should flap when trigger is pressed.

Notes of Interest:

The Stinger was one of two figures released as part of the Rampagers series.The loose photo of Stinger (front) was borrowed with permission from:


No Accesories


There are two known variations; clear wings and shimmering wings (refer to viewer). It is unknown which ones correspond to either US or European cards

Collector Tips:

This figure is near impossible to find loose complete. The wings are made of very thin plastic and are always found broken off on loose figures. Also the helmet isn’t meant to be removed as it is connected to the figures back by a small pipe. If the helmet and/or wings are missing, consider the figure broken. The only likely way to get a loose complete Stinger would be to open a carded one. It is also believed that The Stinger was never released in North America and was a European exclusive. This is not the case as they were also released on American cards, but in very few numbers, so a U.S. card can be very rare.