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The Thunderclaw is the quick and powerful vehicle that Lion-O and the Thundercats use to patrol the land on Third Earth. However, when necessary it can take to the sky to battle evil Mutants. With blinding speed, the Thunderclaw swoops down upon the unsuspecting enemy attackers and traps them in huge mechanical claws. They are then carried away and released in a place where they can do no harm to the peaceful inhabitants of Third Earth.Features:

  • Mutant-Trapping Claws
  • Adjustable Hand Grips


– 2x handlebars (some boxes have been reported to contain an additional spare set of these) and 2x claw grips (U.S. release only)


There are a few major variations with this vehicle, which are between the American and European releases:

  1. The American vehicle has a black wheel on the underneath, while the European one doesn’t.
  2. On the underneath of the wings on the American vehicle there are 3 screws present while on the European vehicle there is only one.
  3. The European vehicle does not have the claw grips

Collector Tips:

Make sure the handlebars are present and unbroken. The plugs on the handlebars are very small and break very easily.