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Thunderwings Lion-O

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Battle-matic Action:


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Notes of Interest:

The Thunderwings Lion-O, along with Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra, can be considered the holy grails in any Thundercats collection. It is extremely rare to find one loose and almost impossible to find carded examples. This is probably due to low production runs towards the end of the toy line.




This is the third in a total of 3 head variations. The other two variations were series 1 head (orange/red hair) and series 2 head (red/maroon hair)

Collector Tips:

Make sure the Thunderwings are in working condition. Another important fact to note is the difference on the head between the regular and the Thunderwings Lion-O (Thunderwings Lion-O has a slightly different head sculpt, see Variations for more details) It is also important to note that the back of the Thunderwings Lion-O figure is solid and has no slot for the light up feature or a battle-matic action lever. These were left off to make the Thunderwings fit the Lion-O figure much better. On the figure, watch out for paint wear on head and feet.