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Tygra with Wilykat (old) 14-Back

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TYGRA with Wilykat (old) [14-BACK]

Assortment Number:


Battle-matic Action:

Using your forefinger, push down the battle-matic action lever on the back to move Tygra’s arm.

Collector Tips:

Be careful! The Tygra whips are quite easy to duplicate so make sure your getting the genuine thing for your collection!

Notes of Interest:

In addition to having a different back, every series excluding the first also has a white design behind every action figure.


Bolo Whip and a nonposeable Wilykat PVC figure
LJN ThunderCats - Tygra's Accessories


– Two completely different Tygra figures (often referred to as ‘old’ and ‘young’ Tygra) This is the ‘old’ version Tygra figure released as part of the second series.- The Bolo whip on each figure was slightly different lengths and different sized handles.

– Some Tygra (old version) figures had paint on the underneath of the feet.

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