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The Tongue-A-Saurus was conceived by LJN. They came up with the tongue-gimmick and created the character around it. Then it was passed onto Rankin/Bass to be used in an episode of the Animated Series; The Time Switch.


Whether you’re a Thundercat or not, Third Earth continues to be a dangerous place to live. Not only are the evil Mutants from Thundera hiding in the shadows, but there are also many natural hazards on this new planet, like the Tongue-A-Sauras, the giant, cold blooded eating machine. Once  your caught in the grasp of it’s “Wrapping-Snapping” tongue, the result is usually the same…a quick snack for the Tongue-A-Saurus!

  1. Retractable tongue strikes out and wraps around the victim, snapping him back into powerful jaws.
  2. Push handle in to extend tongue.
  3. By turning handle left or right, tongue can be positioned to grab figure.
  4. Pull handle all the way out to draw figure into mouth.