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Bengali (alternate hammer)

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BENGALI (alternate hammer)

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Good Thundercat


The 1987 (series 3) mini catalogue and all 22-back cards contain a group picture of all the regular good Thundercat figures together. However all the series 3 figures apart from Captain Cracker and Jaga have different accessories to those actually released with the figures. In this instance, Bengali is pictured holding a Hammer which is more mallet like and smaller than the one released. This Hammer actually suits the figure better. As collectors know, the Hammer that came with Bengali is quite big and can hinder Bengali’s battle matic action feature as the Hammer hits his face. Looking at the prototype Hammer, it seems less likely this would be a problem. It is thought that this was a very early prototype piece to photograph with the figure. It was later changed to the larger Hammer with the face on the front. Strangely (for LJN) the colour remained the same (blue). Like many other weapons that were originally shown, this Hammer was never released with the Bengali figure.

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Click thumbnail to enlarge the 1986 Rainbow Toys Mini catalogue Companions page containing the alternate coloured Berbil Belle figure. LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Snowman