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Berbil Bert ( alternate colored body)

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BERBIL BERT(alternate colored body)

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Good Companion


The 1986 LJN mini catalogue contains a group image of all 8 Companion figures together. However the image displayed shows Berbil Bert painted a different colour to that released. In the 1986 Mini catalogue picture he is painted a light brown colour that makes him look like Berbil Bob from the Thundercats Ho! episodes. I can only assume that the figure got confused with Berbil Bob or LJN hadn’t made their mind up which Berbil from the cartoon would get a release at the point when the catalogues images were made. The figure was later changed to the blue coloured Berbil Bert figure to match his actual colour from the cartoon. This light brown coloured version of Berbil Bert was never released, which is a shame as it could have easily been renamed as Berbil Bob and we would have gotten a 4th Berbil figure from the toy line.

Berbil Bert (alternate colored body) image:

Click thumbnail to enlarge the 1986 Rainbow Toys Mini Companions figures page containing Berbil Bert with alternate colored body. LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Berbil Bert