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Lion-O (pre-production figure)

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LION-O (pre-production figure)

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Good Thundercat


This figure is a pre-production LJN Lion-O figure from the collection of Andrew McCabe. He gave me all his files to his Thundercats site last year (2005) including his images. I thought it would be cool to put this piece up here. Andrew states in his description that this is a highly sought after piece that has gone through many collectors over the years. As you can see from the images below the pre-production figure has a blue body and brown legs. Andrew states that aside from the colours, the plastic the arms and legs are made from looks a bit cheaper. On the back of the figure, there is no light up hole or hole for the battle-matic action lever. However there is an indent where you can see they would have been added later. The copyright info on the foot is different to the standard released figure as well.