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Lion-O (with detailed clawshield and Sword of Omens

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LION-O (with detailed clawshield and sword)


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Good Thundercat


On the very early series 1 card backs, Lion-O was pictured with a more finely detailed Claw Shield which resembled the Claw in the cartoon series much more closely. Also pictured was a Sword of Omens that had the Eye of Thundera painted black. It is thought that this was a very early prototype piece to photograph with the figure. Some very nice detailed accessories were shown, which were likely toned down a bit to reduce production costs. Like many other weapons, what was originally shown (in this case the detailed Claw Shield and Sword of Omens) was never released.

Lion-O (with detailed claw and sword) image:

Click the image below to enlarge the Setries 1 Cardback page containing Lion-O with detailed claw and sword:LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Lion-O