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Mongor (alternate colored scythe)

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MONGOR (alternate colored scythe)

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Evil Mutant


The 1987 (series 3) LJN mini catalogues and 22-back card backs contain a group picture of all the regular Evil Mutant figures together. However all the series 3 figures apart from Captain Cracker and Jaga have different coloured accessories to those actually released with the figures. In this instance Mongor is pictured holding a Scythe with a black handle. The Scythe that was released with Mongor had a grey handle. LJN was well known back then for changing the colours of accessories from the prototypes shown. The version of Mongor’s Scythe released looks more realistic than if had been released with the black handle. It is thought that this was a very early prototype piece to photograph with the figure. As stated above, the colour of the handle was changed to grey. Like many other weapons that were originally shown in prototype pictures, this black handled Scythe was never released with the Mongor figureWe are including it here, due to the fact that it was pictured in what looks like prototype pictures. Whether it is a prototype or not is a matter of opinion.

Mongor (alternate colored scythe) image:

Click thumbnail to enlarge the scan of of the 1987 LJN dealer catalogue containing Mongor with alternate coloured scythe. LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Mongor