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Pumyra (alternate sling)

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PUMYRA (alternate sling)

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Good Thundercat


The 1987 (series 3) mini catalogues and 22-back card backs contain a group picture of all the regular good Thundercat figures together. However all the series 3 figures apart from Captain Cracker and Jaga have different accessories to those actually released with the figures. In this instance Pumyra is pictured holding what looks like a brown piece of rope (reminiscent of the prototype picture of Tygra holding a piece of rope). The piece of rope doesn’t seem to have anything attached to it, with the red gadder piece that came with the actual released figure missing. One can only assume that Pumyra’s weapon was not finalized at the time and so was just given this piece of rope for the prototype pic. It’s possible LJN knew she would be getting a rope-like weapon but were not certain what it’s action would actually be. The form that Pumyra’s weapon takes in the prototype picture was never released. It’s likely the red gadder piece was simply added to the brown rope piece seen in these prototype pictures.

Pumyra (alternate sling) image:

Click thumbnail to enlarge the scan of the 1987 LJN dealers catalogue page containing Pumyra with alternate sling.LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Pumyra