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Snowman (alternate shield and spear)

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SNOWMAN (with alternate shield and spear)

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Good Thundercat


On the series 2 (14-back) cardbacks, the Snowman figure is pictured with a totally different shield and spear. The shield looks more detailed than the shield that was released. This shield seems to have a kind of pattern on it. The spear looks to be more pointed than the one that was released. I believe the shield and spear was actually released with a figure from the LJN Advanced Dungeons and Dragons toyline. However these variations are included here as they were never actually produced for the Thundercats toyline itself.

We are including it here, due to the fact that it was pictured in what looks like prototype pictures. Whether it is a prototype or not is a matter of opinion.

Snowman (alternate shield and spear) image:

Click thumbnail to enlarge close up of Snowman on the back of the Mumm-Ra’s Tomb box (this image also appeared on the series 2 card backs as well as the back of the Fist Pounder box):LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Snowman