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Tuska Warrior (with black gun)

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TUSKA WARRIOR (with black gun)


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Good Thundercat


Whether this gun is a prototype or not is debatable. On one hand it was originally pictured with the Tuska Warrior figure in the 1986 LJN catalogue, but then the gun released was changed to the regular green gun. Sometime later LJN actually released the black gun packed with one of their Dune action figures. This gun is actually cast in black plastic and is NOT painted black. The silver highlights are painted on. Also, the handle is what I beleive to be the first type (wider) handled Tuska gun.We are including it here, due to the fact that it was pictured in what looks like prototype pictures. Whether it is a prototype or not is a matter of opinion.

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Click the image below to enlarge the1985 LJN Dealer Catalogue page containing Tuska with black gun:LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Tuska