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Wilykit ( alternate space board)

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WILYKIT (alternate space board)

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Good Companion


The 1986 LJN mini catalogue contains a group image of all 8 Companion figures together. However the image displayed has WilyKit pictured with a different Space Board to that released. The shape of the prototype Space Board looks much better, as it looks similar to those seen on the cartoon series. This Space Board is also coloured red with the Thundercats logo on it. It is thought that this was a very early prototype piece to photograph with the figure and was later changed to the red/white Space Board that actually came packed with the WilyKit figure. Like many other accessories that were originally shown, this red Space Board was never released with the WilyKit figure.

WilyKit (alternate space board) image:

Click thumbnail to enlarge the 1986 Rainbow Toys Mini Companions figures page containing WilyKit with alternate Space Board. LJN ThunderCats Prototypes -Wilykit