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LJN’s ThunderCats toyline is loved amongst collectors not just for the great toys themselves but also the many different areas to collect – from packaging variations to foreign figures, there’s a lot to learn about this great line of figures! In this section we delve deeper into the background of the toyline, where it was sold, and many other articles of interest.


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Toy Background – A Look Back at the LJN Toyline
An overview of the ThunderCats toyline created by LJN, its origins and more!

Card Backs
A detailed look at all the different cardbacks used in the packaging of the ThunderCats toys. Ever wonder about the difference between an 8-back and 14-back? Find out all about that and more in this informative article!

Toy Advertisements
As with all leading 1980s toylines, ThunderCats was marketed aggressively both on TV and in print. This article showcases some of the TV commercials and print ads that were used to promote the line.

Distribution Overseas
ThunderCats toys were distributed all over the world by a variety of different companies – find out more in this interesting article!

Mail-Away Offers
LJN employed several mail-away offers to help promote their ThunderCats line – this article contains information about these, including the well-known Mail-Away Mumm-Ra figure, and also a detailed look at the British Thunder Warriors fan club!

ThunderCats at UK Retail
ThunderCats were a huge hit in the 1980s, not least of all in the UK where they had a strong presence on toy shelves and elsewhere – find out more in this great article!

ThunderCats at US Retail
Coming soon!

US vs UK
Want to know the difference between American cards versus British Imported Cards? Collectors can find out all about this subject in this article!

Packagaing Variations
An illustrated, in-depth look at the different packaging used for different figures and how this evolved over the toyline’s lifetime.

S-S-Slithe appears on The Paul O’Grady Show!
This fun article, complete with video clip, shows what happened in 2006 when S-S-Slithe (or at least, his action figure!) made a cameo appearance on The Paul O’Grady Show, a teatime chat show broadcast in the UK!


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Toy Instruction Sheets
In this sub-section we showcase a comprehensive selection of instruction sheets that came packaged with various toys from LJN’s ThunderCats toyline!

Foreign Figures
Illustrated galleries and info on many of the ThunderCats figures released on foreign cards across the world!

LJN Toy Checklist
Especially for the hardcore ThunderCats collector, a handy checklist listing every figure, vehicle, playset and accessory released by LJN!

LJN Toy Price Guide
Thinking of buying items for your collection and wondering what the average prices are? Check out this frequently updated guide based off recently closed eBay auctions as well as a variety of other sources!

The LJN AFA Museum
A must for those hardcore ThunderCats collectors! We explain what goes into grading the card and how current and future collectors can get their collection graded!

Custom Figures
Even though LJN released a vast number of ThunderCats toys, there are still some characters that were never released. This section showcases some of the great custom figures that fans of the line have created, both of never-produdced characters and also some fun and interesting variations on previously released figures!

Bootleg Figures
A lot of successful toylines have bootleg versions produced, and ThunderCats was no different! This section showcases a number of weird and wonderful ThunderCat bootlegs, from the sublime to the ridiculous!