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ThunderCats Toy Advertisements

Written by Neil (Blackiecats)


Television Commercials

Like most toy lines based on a cartoon series, Thundercats toys were advertised on television. This would likely happen during the ad breaks of the cartoon blocks themselves, such as saturday morning cartoons. Below you will find 5 toy commercials to download, 4 in .avi format and 1 in mpeg format. The commercials advertise the Thundertank, Mumm-Ra’s Tomb, Cats Lair, Berserkers and series 1 and 2 action figures. A big thanks goes out to David Thornton of for allowing us to use these toy commercials on our site!

ThunderCats toy commercial ThunderCats toy commercial ThunderCats toy commercial ThunderCats toy commercial ThunderCats toy commercial

The 5th of these toy commercials is actually by the UK distributer, Rainbow Toys. I believe this commerical is pretty much the same as the LJN one we have above, advertising the Berserkers range and Lion-o. However it’s cool to also see this particular version that aired on UK TV in 1987 with the Rainbow Toys logo and stating the RRP as being £7.99!

As another interesting side note, we believe the narrator for three of these commercials (Mumm-Ra’s tomb, Cats Lair and Berserkers) is Victor Caroli, the narrator from the Transformers cartoon series.

Printed Toy Advertisements

Thundercats toys were not just advertised on TV, but they were also promoted via printed materials. One of the first places they were promoted was via the LJN and Rainbow Toys mini catalogues that were packed with the toys (see Mini Catalogues page) The toys were also advertised in the UK Marvel comics during the summer of 1988. Click the images below for larger scans of the ads. These two ads appeared in issues #65 (11th June 1988) and #72 (30th July 1988) of the UK comic. It is very likely they appeared in other issues of the UK comic as well.

ThunderCats print ad ThunderCats print ad

As an interesting side note, Lynx-o’s name is spelt wrong in the first advert.
Oddly it’s spelt Linx-o

We are not certain exactly where this piece was used, but below you will find a beautiful ad designed to promote both the cartoon series and the LJN toyline.

ThunderCats toyline LJN advert

If you have further questions regarding these adverts or have any additional information regarding this topic, feel free to contact blackiecats.