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American Cards vs Imported British Cards

Written by Neil (Blackiecats)


As many UK collectors will be aware, most ThunderCats figures released in the UK came packaged on cards with the Rainbow Toys logo and sometimes a Toy Options address.

However, the packaging did not always include the Rainbow Toys logo, on all figures that were sold in the UK. Some figures sold in the UK had packaging almost identical to those produced and sold in the United States. These packaged figures were sold in 1998 when a UK cut-price store called £Stretcher imported leftover stock from the LJN toy line. I’m assuming this was around the time when LJN went out of business and it’s likely that £Stretcher had acquired remaining stock in LJN’s warehouses at cut prices being as £Stretcher sold the figures at just £1.99 each!

How to Tell the Difference

There are 2 ways to tell the difference between American and the British imported cards. The first and most reliable way is to look on the back of the card right at the very bottom (See image below)

LJN ThunderCats toyline - cardback

f you look closely you will see that the top card (Imported UK card) states that “One AAA alkaline battery required” and the US card (bottom card) does not have this text. This text stating a battery is required was printed on all the UK cards no matter who the figure was in the package. The text should only have been printed on the Lion-O and Mumm-Ra cardbacks as they are the only figures that required batteries. It is thought that this was a late production error or due to production ending and the last remaining figures being packed on whatever card backs they had left at the time.

The second way to tell is the imported UK cards usually have a sticker on the card back with an age suitability warning (see image below):

LJN ThunderCats toyline - age sticker

However I have seen some cards without this sticker, so by far the best way is to check for the One AAA alkaline battery required text. So far I have found the following figures on cards with the One AAA alkaline battery required text and/or age suitability sticker:

-Tygra (old, with Wilykat)
-Cheetara (alone)
-Captain Cracker
-Safari Joe
-Tuska Warrior

Any others I discover and can confirm, will be added to this list.

If you have further questions regarding differences or have any additional information regarding this topic, feel free to contact blackiecats.