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Bengali (Hammer Variations)


Hammer Colour Variation

The LJN produced Bengali figure came with 2 slightly different coloured hammers, one light blue and the other a darker shade of blue. The lighter blue hammer is found with European carded Bengali figures, while the darker blue hammer is found on USA and UK releases (see images below)

ThunderCats - Bengali figure hammer variation ThunderCats - Bengali figure hammer variation


ThunderCats toyline - Bengali figure hammer variation

Playful Bengali Hammer

The Playful company of Argentina produced their own version of Bengali and the hammer that came with him was totally different to that of LJN. It was all silver and was shaped more like an axe rather than an hammer. Also to give credit to Playful, with the hammer being smaller than the LJN version, it actually works better with Bengali being as it’s not so bulky and doesn’t interfere with the battle-matic action feature. The Playful version of Bengali can be quite rare, meaning that this hammer can be extremely rare to find loose or still inside a blister on a card.

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