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Jackalman figure


ThunderCats figures - Jackalman strap variation

Accessory Variation

The LJN produced Jackalman figure came with 2 slightly differing shoulder straps:

As you can see from the image opposite, there are two different shoulder straps that came with the Jackalman figures. The shoulder strap on the left has slightly smaller yellow spiked pieces than the strap on the right. The shoulder strap on the right side also seems to be made of a much softer plastic that feels a bit like rubber, whereas the left strap is made of a much tougher and less flexible material. The strap on the left is from a regular LJN carded Jackalman figure and is the most common. The other is most likely to be from a European figure, possibly one of the Otto Simon/Childbro releases.




ThunderCats figures - Jackalman strap variation

Playful produced Jackalman figure

The Playful company of Argentina also produced a Jackalman figure of their own, which included a blue coloured shoulder strap. The spiked pieces seem to be flatter/smaller on this version of the strap. As far as I’m aware, the club that came with the Playful Jackalman is the same as the one that LJN produced.

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