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In 2002 New York-based sculpting and design company Art Asylum began producing stylized, lego-ish mini figures called Minimates. They are basic block-style figures that include snap-on parts and accessories to transform them in your favorite pop culture character. The Minimates started out as 3″ figures, but after Art Asylum teamed up with Diamond Select Toys in 2003, a slightly smaller, 2″ line of Marvel characters was announced and eventually the 2″ scale figures replaced the 3″ scale. Through the years many Minimates have been released for a ton of licenses. Star Trek,  Kiss, Lord of the Rings,  Back to the Future, the list goes on and on.

In 2012 the Ferocious Felines from Fundera  ThunDera received the Minimates treatment, with fantastc results! The Minimates ThunderCats line is the largest ThunderCats toy line since the vintage one, with 25 figures including previously unseen variants!


SERIES 1 – Heroes & Villains 2012 SDCC exclusive

This set was first released at the 2012 San Diego Comic Convention. The set contains five main characters from the classic ThunderCats franchise, including their signature weapons and accessories. This set includes

Lion-O – With alternate roaring head, Sword of Omens and Claw Shield with sleeping Sword of Omens!

Panthro – With nunchucks!

Jaga – astral form, featuring transparant blue parts!

Mumm-Ra – decayed form, with classic LJN toys accurate staff!

Snarf – Minifigure




SERIES 2 – EVIL MUTANTS – 2012 NYCC exclusive

In 2012 the Plun-Darrian fear-makers got their debut in the MiniMates line! First released at the New York Comic Convention, this set contains the four main Mutants from the classic ThunderCats franchise and as a bonus, a Wolfrat minifigure! All Mutants include their signature weapons and accessories. This set includes

Slithe – With spiked mace!

Jackalman – With club!

Monkian – With morning star and cartoon accurate shield!

Vultureman – With ray pistol!

Wolfrat – minifigure




SERIES 3 – ThunderCats & ThunderKittens

The third set in the Minimates ThunderCats line completes the original team that escaped the dying planet ThunDera! Also, as we’ve come to expect, a minifigure is included! These highly detailed and cartoon accurate figures include their signature weapons and accessories. This set includes:

Cheetara – With bo staff!

Tygra – With bolo whip!

Wilykit – With spaceboard and lanyard!

Wilykat – With spaceboard, lanyard and smoke pallets!

Ro-Bear Bill – With knife, as seen in the episode “Berbils”!



SERIES 4 – Heroes & Villains

 The fourth ThunderCats Minimates set was released in 2013 and was first available at the San Diego Comic Convention. This set includes four regular Minimates figures and a non-poseable minifigure. The figures are fully loaded and this set contains the most extra’s out of all sets. The focus lies on the different versions of the characters, which ofcourse include their signature weapons and accessories. And for the first time, transparant display bases were added! Also, as a bonus, a new version of Panthro’s armor and Lion-O’s belt were included. The quality of those two accessories from the very first set was sub-par in some cases, so if collectors had any problems with those, this set offers higher quality replacements! The figures in this set:Grune The Destroyer – With club and alternate torso with ThunderCats insignia!

Mumm-Ra the Ever Living – With Sword of Plun-Darr and alternate forearms with added cape pieces!

Young Lion-O – As seen in the very first ThunderCats episode “Exodus”, with sleeping Sword of Omens!

Jaga – With alternate young head, hair and Sword of Omens!

Ma-Mutt – Minifigure



SERIES 5 – THUNDERCATS HO! – Previews Exclusive

September 2013 saw the release of the fith set of ThunderCats Minimates based on the animated feature ThunderCats Ho! This set, available first as a Previews exclusive, includes the ThunDerians turned ThunderCats and the last Mutant to complete both teams in one fell swoop! And you get yet another minifigure, also based on a character from the movie!  All figures have their signature weapons and accessories. This set includes:

Bengali – With Hammer of ThunDera!

Lynx-O – With Light Shield!

Pumyra – With sling!

Ratar-O – With Rats Eyes-daggers!

Ro-Bear Bob – Minifigure!