Tygra mega scale figure by Mezco – exclusive reveal

By |July 5th, 2015|

We’re very excited to share these first pics of the upcoming Tygra prototype for Mezco’s mega scale line of action figures. Collectors have been eagerly awaiting this, as he will round out the core adult ThunderCat character team. There is no finalized date locked in yet for when this figure will be available for purchase.

According […]

The real life Cats Lair in Sri Lanka (Sigiriya)

By |July 1st, 2015|

Did you know there is an ancient man made structure that resembles the Cats Lair? It’s called the Sigiriya (Lion Rock) Fortress.

(From Wikipedia)

Located in the central Matale District near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province, Sri Lanka. The name refers to a site of historical and archaeological significance that is dominated by a […]

Voice actors at play – ThunderCats recording session

By |June 25th, 2015|

Remember those awesome ThunderCats out-takes where the samoflange made its appearance? Well the same Audio Engineer (Larry Franke) who uploaded those a few years ago also recently shared this awesome footage of Earle Hyman, Earl Hammond and Bob McFadden recording one of the final scenes of the series.

It’s pretty epic. Apparently Lynne Lipton was holding […]

Exclusive first look at Kinetiquettes diorama statue designs

By |May 14th, 2015|

As previously reported, an exciting new ThunderCats line of diorama format statues is being produced by Kinetiquettes. This relative newcomer statue company has exploded on to the collectibles scene with their dynamic, high octane Street Fighter series. As the hot new kids on the block, the Kinetiquettes team chooses to work on brands that they’re […]

Astral Jaga custom by Toy Collecting Brothers

By |April 30th, 2015|

We’re pleased to share these incredibly cool images of an LJN styled custom by the Toy Collecting Brothers. It’s a Spectral Jaga, the spiritual form that guides Lion-O after his death. It’s a high quality custom created by Troy Parson who is completing his Masters Program in Industrial Design/Toy design. Troy and his brother Jordan […]

Star Wars colouring contest at NewWaveTraders.com

By |April 20th, 2015|

Our friends at NewWaveTraders.com are running a Star Wars colouring contest with awesome lightsabers and other prizes up for grabs.

So get your creative talents geared up and head to this link to see details: Star Wars contest

TO mike@newwavetraders.com
OR ON TWITTER USING #starwarscolor

OPEN […]

ThunderCats-Ho Wiki and ThunderCats.org team up!

By |March 14th, 2015|

We’re pleased to announce a joint project between the awesome team over at ThunderCats-Ho Wiki and your pals here at ThunderCats.org

Last year we began work on the 2011 series Encyclopedia and it has started to take shape, thanks to the brilliant illustrations of resident artists, Joe Spicer and Balgus82. We quickly realized what a daunting […]

He-Man 200X toy line needs subscribers or might be canceled

By |March 13th, 2015|

For those of you ThunderCats fans who are also He-Man fans (and I know many of you are), this is a call to action for everyone who wants to see the 200X series of figures produced.

As ThunderCats fans we often look at the Masters of the Universe Classics line with envy, and wish the T-Cats […]

Mini Mates at the lowest price we’ve seen

By |February 19th, 2015|

We saw that ShopAFX.com is currently selling the full 3 box sets of ThunderCats Mini Mates for $23.99.

This is the lowest we’ve seen these little guys go for since they went on sale. If you’ve been thinking about buying these for yourself or someone else this would be the time to grab them.

ShopAFX.com is […]