6" Tygra IN STOCK! And I have a SPARE!

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    A certain Website that specializes in ENTERTAINMENT stuff from all over the EARTH has him in!

    Yes, he is popping up at clearance stores (none in the central Ohio area yet though). But if you need him... You CAN get him NOW at EE (not linking per site rules of course)!

    I picked mine up already. So, EE got them in and filled my 3 MONTH OLD ORDER without notice. So, I paid 17.99 for him (no shipping as they charged me when I got Slythe and Panthro/Lion-O Deluxes in MAY).\

    So... If anyone wants him, he is YOURS for TRADE... What RETRO 80's T-cats stuff you want to trade? I pay for shipping to you, you pay for shipping to me, sounds fair? Or, if you live in Central, Ohio we can meet and trade!

    I can list my wants if needed... But lets see what everyone has to say? Is this a fair offer? No? Let me know!

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