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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by G.Romero, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. G.Romero

    G.Romero Junior Member

    Hello to all. :) I (we..the wifey an myself..) have been trading toys like mad as of late, and are down to needing only EIGHT accessories! YAY us! lol Anyhow, said swapping has left us with some EXTRAS...and what BETTER place to offer them up, eh? Never thought I'd ever even HAVE such cool weapons as Panthro's nunchaku and Grune's mace, let alone SPARES of them. :) Thats a BIG factor for me with this line...the WEAPONRY. Love the show, love the sculpts, HATE the articulation, but the WEAPONS...yes sir...they make most of their contemporaries look like lame bits of plastic. I mean, actually painting the hilt/handle and blade DIFFERENTLY?!? What a CONCEPT LJN! ;) Ok ok

    What we HAVE to offer: (In-hand NOW and ready to ship..)

    -Grune's mace (LOVE this utterly wicked yet plain)
    -Mummy Mumm~Ra staff
    -Monkian's mace (ditto)
    -Jackalman's club (too cool for words this one...just imagine..WHUMP!)

    And will be GETTING in one WEEK from today:

    -Grune's mace
    -Grune's Knuckleduster
    -Snowman's helmet
    -Snowman's shield (love this one as well...the "forging dents"...wicked..)
    -Sword of Omens
    -Panthro's nunchaku...NO chain (Found a lead on this stuff the foot...)
    -Ratar~O's sai ....grey and just one
    -Mumm~Ra headress
    -Mumm~Ra sword...broken hilt

    ...Now on to what we are WANTING: (Odd how most of the 'more RARE' weapons from this line are utterly LAME to Lynx~O's shield..ughhh...Pumyra's 'sling'...l a m ah well, I'm a completist, so...)

    -Lynx~O shield
    -Pumyra's sling
    -Ben-Gali's hammer (almost HAD one..but guy wanted $30...for a WEAPON?!?...good grief..)
    -Cpt. Shiner's laser (Really cool in its simplicity...really want this one..)
    -Cpt. Cracker's sabre
    -Vultureman's claw staff
    -S-S-Slithe's broadaxe (I know I know...dirt
    -Snowman's spear (also HIGH on our list..we need it to complete Snowman!!)
    -Ravage's 'leash'

    ...and our number ONE....give-nearly-ANYTHING-for-item:

    -MONGOR'S SCYTHE please please please!! I have never even gotten to HOLD one!! It's like my "action figure weapon holy GRAIL"!!1 lol Seriously folks, I took my Mongor right off the CARD..badly beat-up card as well...HE'S mint, but the catch in the deal? ...The seller plucked out the scythe. :(

    Anyhow folks, give me a shout if you have ANYTHING from our wants...I'm very easy to work with. :) (Which reminds me..Matt? get back with me, eh? and Daniel? Your stuff is on the way brother. :))

    Oh yeah...also nabbed a set of doors for the ThunderTank if anyone needs 'em.


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  2. Evil_Henchman

    Evil_Henchman Junior Member

    Thundercats weapons

    Are u selling or just trading?
  3. G.Romero

    G.Romero Junior Member

    Hey man. At this point, just trading for what we NEED. Have you got ANYTHING from my wants? How about anything MOTU?


  4. Evil_Henchman

    Evil_Henchman Junior Member

    Nothing extra from Thundercats yet but i am however hammering out a deal for a huge MOTU lot so i will let you know what kind of extras are in it. What MOTU stuff are u looking for?
  5. G.Romero

    G.Romero Junior Member


    Hey everyone. I have been doing a lot of trading lately, and here are the extras:

    (All BARE figures...Most C6-C9, but some are not well off, namely Monkian)

    -SnowMan X3 One missing a hand
    -Monkian X2 One is OK, one is worn with a busted action
    -Ratar~O X2
    -Mumm~Ra X3
    -SSlithe X2
    -Lion~O Red hair
    -Tygra "Old"
    -Ravage PVC
    -Cheetara No head :(

    Also, I have many of the originally mentioned weapons for trade.
    I'm mainly in the market for the above mentioned weapons, and THESE figures:

    -Tuska Must be in GOOD shape
    -Lion~O Red hair " " "
    -Captain Shiner
    -Safari Joe
    -Berzerker Cruncher
    -Berzerker HammerHand
    -Tygra "Young"

    ...And any and all vehicles.


  6. 10incher

    10incher Active Member

    Romero, I would recommend snapping up that Bengali hammer for $30 if you still have the chance, I have seen them sell for more than that and it could take years to find another one on its own! Took me quite a few years to come across mine in a mixed weapons lot.

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