Campaign for WB to reconsider ThunderCats Classic by Super7!

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by The All American, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Daremonger

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    I'm very proud to be showcasing love for ThunderCats with a fellow fan like yourself.
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  2. sandrockgundam0

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    Well this is very odd indeed. Brian Flynn has now responded on Facebook about this, when someone called him out in a reply on the post on the Thundercats Classic page. Basically saying WB has resumed communication and they have a call to discuss again. I remain cautious, but this is interesting indeed.
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  3. Thank you, my friend!

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this! All I can say is that the person who contacted me got our message, and I felt it was genuine. I don't feel comfortable divulging more than that, but you sometimes just need to reach the right people or individual. Go WB!!!!
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  4. Daremonger

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    Agreed. We're showing WB that there really is love for the ThunderCats brand.
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  5. Sebastiaan

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    My day is getting better and better. I know I was very vocal about the way in which Brian announced that S7 weren't granted the license. After I heard his comments at SDCC during his Pixel Dan interview, I understood it a bit better. Perhaps I was a tad sensitive. Still, I would LOVE for S7 to continue the line. And if WB wants to talk, I'm 100% behind S7 to get this license. Here's hoping Brian and the team can pull it off and that WB will see that they're the right people to continue the line. Heck, I'll even buy another Lion-O if I have to just to get them to finish the line.
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  6. Sebastiaan

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  7. ninja cat

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    This is FANTASTIC news!!!
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  8. Cheetoro

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    Well, I am not sure what to think. If WB is talking to S7 again, what does that really mean? Why did they ever stop talking to them, only to start again so soon? Was someone else involved, or are they really so incompetent as to:

    1) Start a line with BanDai, change scales midway, and give up on it along with the new cartoon even though they can be seperated.
    2) Start a line with Mattel at a time when Mattel has to know they are getting out of the collector business and looking to license it out themselves. This line ends with Mattel's choice to change their business, having nothing to do with sales (as far as we know).
    3) Work with S7 on a license, a company who clearly is able to get lots of licenses and is very passionate about ThunderCats, drag on talks for a long period, and then deny them the license.
    4) Quickly resume talks with S7.

    Really? How could we actually have faith when you look at that timeline? There are too many points at which there is no sense to be made. Those points are more likely to continue than not, I think.

    Still, I am hopeful. We are all at our best when we are hopeful.
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  9. Daremonger

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  10. Serval

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    These look amazing who do I contact to show interest in the products. I can't attend the Power Con. Do I connect with Thundercats Classic or Joe Amaro? What is Joe Amaro's IG or FB?
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  11. Sir Greek

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    I signed the petition as number 100! I like to say I caused the renegotiations lol. I really hope they continue this line. I feel like the sculpts and paint were definitive for a figure I would want. Whoever is the distribution point for the Four Horsemen Thundercats is ultimately irrelevant to me as long as these guys keep it up!
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  12. Daremonger

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  13. Brutikong

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    This is heading into a subject that I have been wondering about. This community is obviously the collection of the most ardent and creative supporters of the franchise. I can't help but wonder if instead of being at the mercy of parties who can't or won't create content, what could you come up with it YOU created the content.
    Several other 3D forums like POLYCOUNT regularly run forum projects, where community members take on tasks to create something.
    Why not just crowd source what you want.
  14. Sir Greek

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    This is true. That would be cool to create some static figures but the cost is SO HIGH
  15. 13977

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    Wow this is really hopeful and could be great news so fingers crossed.
    Thanks The All American
    Is there anything we can do to show our continued positive support for Super7 and the 4HM to get the licence?
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  16. Contacting WB at their customer service site would be a good idea: Now that the line is on Warner Brothers' radar again, it doesn't hurt to have additional consumers throwing in their support and giving their positive thoughts.

    You can also follow the Twitter page mentioned earlier as well as sign the newest petition.
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  17. Daremonger

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    Right on, man.
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  18. Someone just notified me of this post NYTF 2018 video, at 1:59:

    Apparently, I am "some crazy fan". Can't stop laughing about it. I prefer the term enthused customer.

    The good news is there's still hope for ThunderCats Classic continuing! Unfortunately, WB is taking their sweet time in making a decision. Hopefully the Funko line is proof they understand the love of the property.
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  19. Daremonger

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    Amen to that. :)
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  20. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    Man oh man, this is fantastic. This is the second confirmation in the last two - three weeks from Super7 that they're still busy pursuing the ThunderCats line. If there is anything you want fellow crazy fans like yourself to do to keep reminding WB that they NEED to give S7 the license, don't hesitate to PM me. I will write them every day if I have to! Just so that they see how FAR ThunderCats actually have an impact across the globe. SDCC must bring us some great news.
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