Club Third Earth subscription board tally!

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Berserker, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. englishw

    englishw Junior Member

    +2 for me, I upped my subscription from 1 to 3 today.
  2. Nelson

    Nelson Berbill

    Oh boy. Oh boy. What have I done.

  3. Ancient Spirit of Evil

    Ancient Spirit of Evil Junior Member

  4. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I bought another monthly sub at the last second, so +1 more from me :)
  5. Thundaracats

    Thundaracats New Member

    I bought the quarterly sub. This is my first time come it doesn't show up in the 'my subscriptions' section?
  6. mr freeze

    mr freeze Laser Beast

    one for me
  7. No1WonderFan

    No1WonderFan New Member

    I ordered one. Just now getting around to posting.
  8. englishw

    englishw Junior Member

    It's my first time as well and they aren't showing up for me either. I've been told that is normal. By the same people who assured me that I would only be charged $25 per sub when ordering, even though it sure looked like I'd be charged for a lot more going through the checkout. Very odd, but normal.
  9. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    actually is normal, although frustrating. It will show up as soon as your sub starts shipping. I had purchased the latest two MOTUC subs about 6 months ago and they actually just showed up in "My Subscriptions" page today. its a terrible way to do it., imo.

    Welcome to the dealings of Digital River. :mummra
  10. Thundergod

    Thundergod Moleman

    + 1 for me
  11. RKOERA

    RKOERA Junior Member

    I missed on this sub. Is there anyone here that may want to sell or trade for one thundercats sub?? I want one complete sub. Please let me know. Thank you.
  12. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Where are you located? If your in the USA, might be best to pre-order Mumm-Ra from eBay and then buy each figure at Matty sales days each month (Sept-Dec)? They will be $30 each plus shipping (but it still might be cheaper than eBay?)

    I do have a couple of extra subs I plan to possibly sell, but I'm in the UK.

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