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    I was selling a Tiger Flyer w/ Tygus on ebay and ebay member Sight.Beyond.Sight. Bought it now. I had stated on there i was not going to be accepting returns for the item clearly on the page. So, the item was shipped to out and when it was received, i was sent a message stating that the member wanted to return the item because it was "dinged up" in shipping. I didn't believe it right off the back due to he hard plastic casing on the figure. I figured that the buyer bought it on ebay and then went to a local store and possibly found and it just wanted to return it. Either way screwing me over. i dont check ebay every day like some people and i missed a day and when i went on ebay next the buyer had opened a case on me. I ended up losing the case and the member was to send the item back and receive a refund.
    I literally just came home and there is a package on my door. It was the item. The package was clearly not opened or damaged in shipping because the label the buyer put on the package was still in tact and the tape had not been cut or removed anywhere. So i open the package...... he member opened the corner of the packaging and took out the tiger flyer and tygus and shipped me an empty packaging.
    This buyer deliberately opened the package and knowingly and willingly sent back an empty package for the tiger flyer. In his own words the packaging was "dinged up". This member is a liar and can not be trusted. For all i know the member maybe on this site. The case will be closed and i am appealing the decision immediately and have already talked to ebay about all of this. Hopefully ebay is going to do what is right and decide in my favor because now im left without money to purchase a new one or even the figure itself. if the package would have been dinged up, i could have lived with that and just opened it myself and added it to my loose collection but NO. i don't even have that now all i have is an empty tigerflyer box.. DO NOT SELL TO SIGHT.BEYOND.SIGHT on ebay. His feedback is high but for whatever reason with this transaction they decided to be an utter lowlife scumbag.
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    ****QUICK UPDATE****

    here we are 6 hours later and i received the message from ebay REVERSING THE CASE in MY FAVOR!!! EBAY GOT IT RIGHT!!! The Ebay gods have smiled upon me this day! =)

    Well there ya have it, even EBAY agreed that Ebay Member: sight.beyond.sight.
    was in the wrong and can not be trusted. Maybe it was just this particular time but everyone be cautious or think twice about selling or buying from Ebay Member : sight.beyond.sight
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    This is slightly worrying! :(

    I know a lot of ThunderCats sellers use this site, so with that in mind I'm gonna sticky this thread as it might help others out who are in a similiar situation ;)
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    Yeah, I have been buying and selling Thundercats items for about 6 years now on ebay and this is the first time like this something to this extent has happened. im just happy ebay came to such a swift conclusion and did the right thing and reversed it in my favor. it was good to see that ebay got it right. i was worried i was going to end up on the short end of the stick. Ive never been more pleased with ebay then i m now =)
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    here is all this persons info just so everyone has it... be cautious when dealing with this person !!!! I recommend not dealing with them at all.

    Ebay member: SIGHT.BEYOND.SIGHT
    Email :
    Name : Mark Marrison

    Admin note: Home address details removed. Please do not post such sensitive details on a public forum!

    if any of this info matches up with a buyer or selling you may be dealing with..THINK TWICE!!
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    Thank you for posting your story. Its the only way to guard against scummy toy hording garbage people.

    I'm glad EBAY stepped up and protected you.
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    Return of the Mack!

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    Good one :)

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